Attitude Living logo

For Attitude, we are working on multiple on-going digital campaigns promoting their brand and products, constantly optimizing the landing pages and banners. I had extensive creative freedom on these projects, allowing me to test different UX & UI approaches to each campaign.

Attitude Living - LPs

Grapefruit (Pamplemousse) campaign / Air Purifier campaign: For these campaigns I developed a new landing page design based on UX best practices and the client’s objectives. Multiple banners were produced both for GDN and for social media. The GDN banners were animated in HTML while the social media assets and the home page assets were basic .jpg images.

Attitude Living - LPs

Other landing pages for Attitude including the landing page for the launch of their new line of products for pregnant women “Blooming Belly”.

Attitude Living - Typography

Typographical work made for the Grapefruit and the Air Purifier campaigns. These were first sketched and then digitized using Illustrator and Photoshop. Made in both english and French.

Attitude Living - Banner examples

Examples of banners created for display networks and social media campaigns.

Attitude Living - Opportunity Banner

The Honest campaign was interesting because it was created it to take advantage of a situation that took place with a direct competitor, Honest. As soon as we noticed a social media trend talking about Honest and the fact that they were using substances in their products they advertised otherwise, we took action. So I came up with the “Truly honest” title for this opportunistic social media campaign and the graphical assets that complemented it.

What I did

Marketing strategy working with the SEM Manager, UX & UI design of multiple landing pages, graphical elements and banners, Copywriting, Integration of some of the landing pages and HTML banners.