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Brokerlink - Landing Page Design
Brokerlink - Responsive Design

As one of the IFC brands, our team at Konversion is constantly optimizing their landing page designs and digital campaigns.

This campaign, in particular, was based on their video ads. With strong presence on YouTube, we use viewing data to retarget the users into a video-based landing page. The page itself changes according to the videos the user had already seen. As a result, the user always lands on a page with fresh content. And although the page is always the same, the content is updated taking into consideration the user’s interactions. Finally, if the user interacts with all videos, the content of the page will focus on getting them to start the online quote.

You can view the landing pages below. The first one is the video-focused landing page while the latter is focused on the conversion.

Brokerlink - Landing Page Design
Brokerlink - Video Landing Page

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