Various ads I’ve made while working at Comunicata Comunicação, in Brazil. It was my first job in advertising as an intern in art direction.

Comunicata Advertising - Lord Women's Day

“Having fought for equality, where will women show their differences?”

Comunicata Advertising - Lord - Competition

“Get ready for the competition.”

Comunicata Advertising - Meliá - Elevator Food ads

Ads placed on the elevators of the hotel Meliá in Brasília. Looked pretty cool the the doors closed.

Comunicata Advertising - Conbral
Comunicata Advertising - Lord - Helena Rubenstein

Ad let people know the brand Helena Rubenstein was no longer selling in Brazil.

Comunicata Advertising - Meliá - Feel like home

Mock-up for an ad for couples to spend the weekend at the hotel instead of at home.

What I did

Conceived ideas for the ads, Photography for the mockups, Design.