Pit’s BBQ

December 2017 - February 2018

Pit's BBQ is an American-style BBQ food truck in Paris, France. I initially worked with them creating their logo and brand guidelines. The partnership was then extended to include the design of the food truck itself, the menu and bottle labels.

Pit's BBQ - Branding

Starting a food truck business, Pit’s BBQ asked me to work on their branding, more specifically on the design of their logo. Inspired by the (delicious) food they make, the logo is inspired by the world-famous Texan BBQ and elements related to it. The bull, the fire and the (not-so) lone star. The colours and the scratched texture are also influenced by the Texan BBQ pits visual style.

Pit's BBQ - Icons

I have also created three icons to be used in smaller formats. The first one if a smaller size of the logo for general use. The second and third were created to be used with pit-related items and food related articles, respectively.

Pit's BBQ - Logo in B&W
Pit's BBQ - Logo in B&W
Pit's BBQ - Colours

– Rajdhani Bold

Pit's BBQ - Rajdhani Bold

– Rajdhani Regular

Pit's BBQ - Rajdhani

– Opens Sans Regular

Pit's BBQ - Open Sans

– Opens Sans Bold

Pit's BBQ - Open Sans Bold