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VetDiet by Mondou
VetDiet by Mondou - Responsive Design

I worked on the VetDiet (by Mondou) project as art director at Konversion.

VetDiet is a healthy option of dry foods for dogs or cats of all ages. This microsite was created with the intention to test the user’s knowledge of what is safe and what is harmful for their pets, while promoting the VetDiet brand as a healthy option for them. Due to different nutritional requirements for race and age, the quiz changes according to whether you own a cat or a dog, in addition to being tailored to each type by age. Therefore, it is basically six different quizzes possible in the site.

At the end of the quiz, the relevant products are shown to our user. In order to promote the go-to-store action, a coupon is offered to the user for a discount on their purchases. Furthermore, we offer the user the opportunity to subscribe to Mondou’s fidelity program, giving them even more possibilities to save while getting to know the brand.

VetDiet by Mondou - Landing Page 1
VetDiet by Mondou - Landing Page 2
VetDiet by Mondou - Landing Page 3
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