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About me

Hi, I’m Victor! I’m an Art Director who loves everything UX, design and analytics. I create beautiful and functional digital products.

Born in Brazil, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to have been around quite a bit. But now I have settled in the great city of Montreal.

While in Brazil, I found my calling in the world of advertising, taking on different roles throughout my career, such as project management, media planner and client relations but it was in the artistic fields that I found my calling. As a creative/art director, I’ve held awesome positions in both advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments, experiences that deeply contributed to what I do today and especially to the way I approach my work.

And an interesting approach it is. Added to my desire to make beautiful, eye-catching, memorable designs, I have learned the importance of analytical data in everything I do. Reason I have thoroughly studied UX design and data analytics, being certified by Google in Google Analytics.

And it’s not all work and no play! I am very passionate about video games, racing and cooking (I looove BBQs). Let’s not forget to mention the importance of participating in lively debates in modern day agoras, better known as pubs.

A little about what I do

What I do

Doing something new every day. This is an idea that guided me towards what I do today and to the creative fields. Studying Marketing & Advertising, I focused my career on art direction. With a few years working with traditional media, I made the switch to the digital world fairly early.

Having graduated in Marketing & Advertising, I learned a bit of multiple other disciplines to complement what I do and help me understand even deeper what it is I do and how I can help my clients to achieve their goals. From coding to data analysis, this extra knowledge help me design very performant websites and marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to partner up on any project, you can click here to contact me.

UI / Graphical Design

Art Direction & Design

This is what I most love doing and what I mainly focus on.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Animate Edge, Google Web Designer, Premiere Pro, After Effects.



I majored in Marketing in university and dedicated my career to art / creative direction. In the last few years, I’ve been working with e-commerce and digital marketing / remarketing strategies finding innovative ways to increase conversions.



This is why I quit Engineering and came into the creative fields.

UX Design

UX design

Although I’ve always worked with Information architects, more recently I’ve been dedicating a lot of study to this field which is a great complement for what I do.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

When it comes to e-commerce, I focus on data-driven UX and UI for better strategy and conversion.

Certified in Google Analytics by Google.

Website integration

Front-end Development

Having learned how to code websites has helped me understand how to better design for development as well as how to push all sorts of boundaries.

Proficient in: HTML, CSS | Good / advanced knowledge of: PHP, javascript (jQuery), WordPress



Years of experience working with the internet and digital marketing have provided me with some great insights and I am always glad to help.

Places I’ve worked at

Not everyone can say they’ve worked at their dream jobs, but I’m happy to say I have! Here are a few of the places I’ve worked at.

Konversion Caesars Interactive Entertainment Playboy Peppr. Lavasoft Lulu Software Grupo TV1 Interlegis

My work

Here are the latest projects I’ve worked on. Go ahead, look around! If you’d like to a more complete showcase, click on the button just below the image.

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  • Attitude Living - Landing Pages

    Attitude Living landing pages

    Landing pages for multiple campaigns for Attitude living, working for Konversion.

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  • F1 - Helmets of the Greats

    F1 – Helmets of the Greats

    What would the F1 helmets look like if they were posters? This is one of my favourite projects depicting exactly that.

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  • AXE for

    AXE for

    Infograph on the evolution of male care. This was made for the AXE campaign on

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  • WRG Magazine

    WRG Magazine’s website

    Design for WRG magazine. This project was nominated for the COPA awards in 2 categories.

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  • Concert posters

    Concert posters

    Posters and pamphlets for a few concerts.

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Brands I’ve worked with

I’ve worked with some pretty cool brands as part of a team or as a freelancer. Whichever the case, I had the chance to work with awesome people on amazing projects.

Playboy ADT Protectron AXE Banco do Brasil BDC belairdirect Caesars Casino Campus Montréal Crown Royal Espace pour la Vie Frank and Oak Harley Davidson Harrahs Casino One Drop Soundcloud TedXYouth Montréal Woodford Reserve WSOP

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